Dallas C – Boston Acoustics Pro60SE fitment questions

From: Dallas  [@hotmail.com]
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 3:45 PM
To: sales@tacotunes.com
Subject: fitment question
I have a double cab tacoma and am going to put 2 pairs of 6.5″ components in there (Boston Acoustics Pro60SE).  My question is why would I need to use a speaker mount for a 6.5″ speaker when the factory door fitting is already for 6.5″?  Thank you for your help?


Reply from tacotunes.com

If you look at our install pictures & vidoes you will see when you remove the factor speakers the holes left in the door are “non standard” .  By using our adapters you can install after market spekaers in to your Toyota.  Per the attached manual below, you will see that your Boston speakers require a 5.3 inch mounting hole. We can also make the front door tweeters custom sized @ 1.718″.

You can order this kit for the doors:


Spec 5.3 inches front and rear doors.

For the tweeter mounts, order custom size and put 1.718 ” in the order notes.



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