Gil – Question about Rockford Fosgate R1675 Coaxial Speaker installed in Toyota Tacoma


Gill according the manual below the mounting diamter will be 5.81 inches. YOu will wnat to order our 5.9 inch mounts.

Select custom size of 5.9.

I took this mesurement from the manual below:

Rockford Fosgate Prime R1675 Coaxial Speakers

For your rear speakers, you will want to order 5.5 inch mounting diameter. On page 3 of the pioneer manual shows a 5.5″ cutout diamter for your speakers.

Pioneer TS-A1781R Coaxial Speakers


The mounts you will order have a 1″ thickness allowing a 3.25″ top mount depth in your tacoma. This will leave about 3/4″ between the  speaker and the door panel. You will not have any clearance issues..

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On 4/12/2012 6:39 PM, wrote: > What speakers are you planning to use? Generally there is not an issue between door panel and speaker. > Check us out at: > Website: > Add us a friend on Facebook: > YouTube: > Follow Us on Twitter: > Pictures: > Blog: > ________________________________________ > From: \
Gil Gard [gwgard@] > Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 5:37 PM > To: > Subject: Speaker Mounts > > Hi, I would like to know if someone could answer a question about > speaker mounting in the rear doors on a 08 access cab Tacoma. If I use > your mounts for the rear doors, how much clearance will that give me > from the mount to the top of a mounted speaker to put the door panel on ? > > Thank you, Gil > > The speakers I’m considering are Rock Ford Fosgate’s Prime R1675