Josh – Alpine Head Unit CDA105, how to set the gain on Alpine PDX-F4 & PDX-M6 toyta tacoma

Summary: Josh has our SQ1 package. His question is how do I set the gain and crossover settings on my amps?

Head Unit: Alpine CDA-105

Manual: Alpine CDA-105 Head Unit Toyota Tacoma


High Pass Filter: YES

Low Pass Filter: NO

Subsonic Filter: NO

Front, Rear and Subwoofer Outputs: YES

1. Do not set any eq settings on your head unit.

2. Turn on the High Pass Filter: Instructions are on page 14.

3. Set the HPF to 80hz.

4. On your Alpine PDX-F4 turn off the crossover settings the head unit will set that for you.

Manual For you Alpine PDX-F4: Alpine PDX F4 Amp Manual

5.  On your Alpine PDX-M6,

Manual for your Alpine PDX-M6: Alpine PDX M6 Amp

6. Set your subsonic filter to 30Hz

7. Set your low pass filter to 80hz

8. Check our our video on how to set the gain on your amp(s)